If so, God created the world about 6000 years ago. The Bible is vast and encompasses everything from Creation to the end of time. HE BIBLE IS UNIQUE when compared with all other “holy books” of the world’s religions. The following timeline of the Old Testament has been compiled with the assumption that the genealogies are literal and complete. You may find this timeline … More zoomed in images below. It arranges the key people, places, and events of Sacred Scripture in chronological order, so that you can get the big picture of the Bible. This bible timeline lists the outstanding events of the Bible in chronological order. Print out our eight page Bible Timeline watch as kids learn about Genesis through Revelation while they color it in!. This free printable Bible timeline can be printed on a standard home printer, then easily cut and taped together to create a 66 inch timeline for use in any children’s Bible teaching context. This Chart is the cornerstone of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study Program. What is the basic timeline of the Old Testament? A biblical timeline allows you to … All other religions of the world, unless they rely on the Bible at some point, do not rise or fall This color-coded Bible study tool shows how all of the books of the Bible fit together to tell the story of salvation history. Creation - B.C. 2000-1500 - The book of Job, perhaps the oldest book of the Bible, is written. All years are approximate. Above image shows the full 37" x 45" inch size for scale. One reason the Bible is different is the fact it is the only religious work rooted in past history that also predicts future history. History of the Bible Timeline . Timelines are terrific tools to help us picture the chronological correlation events have to one another. Unique Circular Format – more in less space. ; Circa B.C. This brief timeline represents key events that happened in the Bible: “In the beginning”: Creation (Genesis 1) Very early: Adam and Eve (Genesis 2–3) Still quite early: Noah’s flood (Genesis 6–9) Around 2000 b.c.e. How does all this information fit on a 37″ x 45″ poster –… Having an idea of biblical chronology (the dates of various biblical events) is an excellent way to enhance your corporate or personal Bible study or devotion. 2000 - Originally, the earliest Scriptures are handed down from generation to generation orally. Events of the Bible Timeline A history of the nation of people whom God chose and prepared (the Nation of Israel) so that he could pay all people’s debts for all time because of His tremendous love for each of us EPOCH 1: Creation—2000 BC EPOH 2 EPOH 3 EPOH 4 EPOH 5 EPOH 6 EPOH 7 8 9 B Persian Empire Greek Roman Empire 1500-1400 - The stone tablets of the Ten Commandments are given to Moses at Mount Sinai and later stored in the Ark of the Covenant. : Abraham and Sarah leave for their Promised […] Creation to the Flood Bible Timeline Chart⁠ with World History Easily See Over 6,000 Years of Biblical and World History Together! ; Circa B.C. 4000+ BC God creates Adam and Eve (Gen. 1-2) 2165 Abraham (Abram) is born (Gen. 11:26) 1876 Joseph’s father Jacob (Israel) moves to Egypt with his family to escape famine Simply tape the eight pages together to create an amazing wall display at church or home. Download Your Free Bible Timeline My name is Ron Herridge and I have developed this website to offer a simple bible timeline, for free.

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